Today’s health care environment is changing, confusing, and inarguably complex. Inherent in this chaos are ever-increasing, ever-evolving risks, from malpractice liabilities to general and professional liabilities—not to mention personal liabilities. That’s why you need a specialized insurance broker with knowledge, expertise and experience in this field.

The mission of Brown & Brown Healthcare is to analyze risk and then strategize, structure and place coverage for you. We “take you in the right direction” by creating and implementing professional liability plans to address your specific situations. We are your strategic partner. We are your advocate in dealing with claims. We operate under the business philosophy that:

      • Healthcare market and economic conditions require continuous dynamic and innovative thinking.
      • Healthcare institutions and professionals must explore every available method to protect their exposures.
      • A precisely determined balance between risk transfer and risk retention at the most optimum cost efficiency is critical.
      • Specialty healthcare insurance knowledge and market reputation make the difference.